We are the company based in Nice, Cote d'Azur, which strives to meet the client's needs by providing top notch solutions in the areas of decoration, renovation and construction.
Specializing in private practices, villas or apartments, working with long term partners, we can coordinate and execute all phases of the project. We always set clear objectives and make highly accurate estimates, having in mind all possible development tracks. That is, in the end, what really makes the difference.
After fifteen years in the fashion industry Lana decided to turn to interior design and decoration. Soon after these studies she began to work with various architects in Nice and Cannes. At Sarich & Goujon she takes care of the drawings, as well as choices of materials, finishing works and overall coordination.
Working in a positive atmosphere and engaging in free exchange of ideas is very important to me. The only thing there is no discussion about is the final result - it must be absolutely perfect.
Patrice GOUJON
A true designer at heart, Patrice studied at ENSCI - National Superior School of Industrial Creation in Paris. And he kept on learning, experimenting and creating ever since, now at Sarich & Goujon. Patrice is responsible for design, project management and quality control. He has a strong skill set and a profound understanding of the region.
My interest and passion for the job is what drives me, and as he usually likes to point out it also keeps me up to date on technological and economic developments of the market.
Milica Pavlovic
Jennifer Bonanno
Interior designer
Cécilia Savu
Magali Comte
Executive assistant